FlexPack PRO

High quality variable imaging on flexible packaging date codes, lot codes, barcodes, text and graphics.

From standalone table top models to individual coders integrating into other machines (labelers, flow wrappers, baggers, tray sealers) to automated handling/printing systems.

FlexPackPRO® is America’s fasting growing brand of thermal transfer industrial coding and printing equipment. They believe in putting their customer’s interests above their own. They offer the broadest, most innovative line of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) designed to meet more TTO applications than any other supplier. The average cost savings of a FlexPackPRO® system verses other TTO coders of similar quality is remarkable.

Their systems are used widely within the food industry. Salty snacks, baked goods, dried foods, dairy and the meat industry are just a few applications where their equipment is exceeding expectations.  They are also incorporated within the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, personal care, hardware and cosmetic printing needs.

With FlexPackPRO®, we can deliver the perfect solution to fit your application.

Flex Pack Pro is the perfect TTO solution for your coding application.


FlexPackPRO TTO printers are running on virtually all brands of V/F/F/S machines, including Matrix, Hayssen, Viking Masek, Bosch, Ilapak and more. Griffin Rutgers will work with FlexPackPRO to ensure easy and accurate TTO installations on any form, fill and seal machine.


From inexpensive lower-speed wrappers to the fastest, highest-volume horizontal flow wrappers on the market, FlexPackPRO’s continuous TTO technology is the industry’s most reliable. Print date codes at up to 32 inches per second with perfect 300dpi resolution.


In addition to the best assortment of in-line TTO coders, FlexPackPRO offers stand-alone systems for manual and semi-automatic printing and coding as well. From TableTop TTO units to cost-effective TTO-mounted Feeder-Conveyor Systems, FlexPackPRO offers more ways to print perfect codes, text and graphics on pouches, sleeves, cards, boxes, bags and film.