Foenix Coding Printers: What Makes Them Different?

Foenix Printer Features

The market is flooded with various models of ink jet printers across a wide range of technologies, brand names and ink types, which can make it challenging to discern what printer is the best for which application and environment. Many in the industrial and commercial marketplace are loyal to Foenix Coding Printers, and with good reason. There are a number of distinguishing features that make them the clear-cut ink jet printer of choice within their niche target markets:

  • Full Integration Capability: The Foenix FX App Software suite gives full integration capabilities for networking printers, accessing databases, creating messages on line or off line, connecting to industrial scanners, bar code readers, verifiers and other production equipment.
  • Low-maintenance design: Many ink jet printers on the market are so complex in their design that maintenance becomes just as complicated, often requiring multiple technicians and servicemen to operate and maintain. Instead, Foenix Coding takes a different approach by designing their ink jet printers to be simple, yet sophisticated in its capabilities. These printers utilize fewer components to minimize maintenance and parts replacement costs. For example, these ink jet printers have one circuit board, which means no inter-wiring due to multiple circuit boards. The result is that there is less opportunity for failure, less time needed to troubleshoot or undertake maintenance, and this equates to less downtime on production lines.Foenix Printers
  • Cost-effectiveness: Not only do fewer moving parts save money and minimize downtime- but, premium materials and components also help users maintain their bottom line. The company’s overall philosophy is based on “smart printing,” which means that quality is at the heart of every piece of equipment to ensure the best output, the highest rate of dependability, and the lowest cost of operation.
  • Ongoing innovation: Foenix Coding is not satisfied with simply turning out the same inkjet printer’s year in and year out. Instead, they are constantly fine-turning and enhancing their existing models while using their dedicated research and development facilities to lead the industry with the introduction of new ink jet models and equipment that keeps them on the leading edge in the marketplace.

In Review, remember these things when considering a Foenix Coding Printer:

  • There are many reasons why Foenix Printers are different than all the other available brands of commercial and industrial ink jet printers.
  • Full integration capability for networking, accessing databases, create messages on line or off line, integrate with other line equipment such as scanners, bar code readers, verifiers, etc.
  • Low-maintenance design saves on maintenance and training costs as well as reducing downtime, which would interfere with production time and otherwise impact reputation and profitability.
  • The machines are created to be as cost-effective as possible for a high-value offering as part of its “smart printing” philosophy.
  • The company is dedicated to innovation and constantly raising the bar on what is possible with ink jet technology- by, relying on its dedicated research and development facilities to create what  is soon to become the industry standard.

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