High Resolution Printing: Features Of The Foenix FXONE-Touch

Whether you’re a first year start-up, a larger company that has only a small need for high resolution printing or a company that has a large need for high resolution printing there’s a good chance you’re looking for a low-cost way to code your packages. But, of course, you still want to look professional in order to stay competitive and not come across like a beginner. If this is what you’re looking for, the Foenix FXONE-Touch may be just what the printer ordered. Let’s take a look at some of the powerful features you’ll find with the Foenix FXONE-Touch and its high resolution printing capabilities:

  • Variety of Surfaces: The Foenix FXONE-Touch can print and code on a variety of surfaces. High resolution printing with the oil base dink is possible on porous elements, such as cardboard, wood, and paper. This makes it an ideal choice when printing on boxes, trays, or cartons.FXONE Touch

Printing on plastics, glass and metal is possible with the solvent based ink

  • Multiple Printing Options: Designed to offer multiple options depending on your company’s specific needs, this unit can print text, logos, time/date, linear barcodes, data matrix codes and incrementing codes.
  • Large Print: High resolution printing can be accomplished for up to eight lines, within a total maximum print height of 18mm. This will allow you the choice of providing better readability of your codes.
  • Easy-to-use On-Screen Control: Certain controls can be found on the Foenix FXONE-Touch screen, such as printer width, direction, and message delay. These controls are simple to understand, which means any required changes during printing can be made without interrupting your workflow.
  • Easy-to-use Touch Panel Control Screen: The control panel of the Foenix FXONE-Touch was created with the end-user in mind, making tasks such as importing graphics, laying out barcodes and messages quick and easy. This Foenix FXONE-Touch provides a variety of options, including multi language support, and you don’t have to be a computer whiz to make it do exactly what you need.
  • Sizable Ink Capacity: With ink cartridges that hold 110 mL of ink, coupled with an ink saver mode and the option of “outline” fonts, the operation of the Foenix FXONE-Touch has multiple ways to help your company save money.
  • Flexible Font Options: The Foenix FXONE-Touch provides True Type fonts with Unicode support. This means that printing can be accomplished with any font and/or language you require.
  • Standalone Capability: If you have no need to connect your system to a network, it can function as a standalone unit with ease.
  • Network Connectivity: Although the unit can be used as a standalone high resolution printing system, PC connectivity can be utilized by the use of an Ethernet cable and the on-board Ethernet Adapter Program. This gives you the option of easily integrating it into your existing network.

In Summary The Foenix FXONE-Touch is designed as a low-cost unit that delivers high quality work and a number of high resolution printing options. Here’s a quick run-down of the performance you can expect:

  • Designed to provide low-cost printing and coding in high quality.
  • The use of a large capacity ink cartridge, along with additional efficiency options, lower the amount of ink being used which, in turn, saves money on high resolution printing needs.
  • Perfect for high resolution printing on porous or non-porous substrates (ink specific), whether you need printing and coding on boxes, trays, cartons or plastics, glass and metals.
  • With the use of True Type fonts and a print height maxing out at 18mm, you can be sure that the Foenix FXONE-Touch is ready for any printing needs that your company requires.
  • Ease-of use is the name of the game. The unit’s screen can easily change printing options (printing speed, direction, and message delay), and the Foenix FXONE-Touch utilizes a user-friendly touch screen interface, allowing you to lay out the message, including codes, and customize every aspect of your printing needs.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs contact Griffin-Rutgers and let us put our 50 years of experience in providing printing, coding and labeling solutions for packaging to work for you.

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