How to Apply Labels for Glass Bottles

Labels for glass bottles abound amid a wide range of applications, including beer and wine bottles, food jars, beverage bottles and storage bottles. These often require variable data and may need to have numerous colors and sizes with unique designs and specific printing needs. After all, many of these products rely on labels for glass bottles to make an impact on the consumer and inspire purchase with crisp, easy-to-read, and attractive graphics and text. Labels may need to be just on the front or back of a bottle or be placed in both locations.  Others require a wraparound feature for the glass bottle. That can create some challenging printing requirements, typically handles by offset printing and flexographic printing presses.  Other considerations include a wide range of label materials and adhesives as well as modifications like overcoat UV varnishes or film laminates that protect the label. The following are some of today’s high-performing labeling systems suitable for applying labels for glass bottles. Here are some examples of equipment that adds labels to glass bottles:

  • The “Accutrak” Rotary labeling system is designed to handle a wide variety of product and label combinations. The containers are transferred onto the labeling systems conveyor. A gating device controls the in-feed of the products to the timing screw. The products are then transferred through center guides into pucks mounted on the rotary table, which capture the bottom of the product while top hold down cones capture the top. The rotation of the product while on the rotary base is controlled by internal cams. The container is controlled as it passes the label applicators.  Once the product has been labeled, it is transferred to outfeed center guides and then to an outfeed conveyor. With the installation of a wrap station, the system can apply full or partial wrap around labels.
  • The “AccuWrap” Wrap Labeling System has been developed to wrap pressure sensitive labels around round products. With the addition of a modified wrap station and pressure plate, the machine can also label square and oval containers. Label and label placement adjustments can be made on the fly without interrupting the machine’s operation as can label changeover.
  • Accutrak” is designed to apply front and back pressure-sensitive labels to a wide variety of products, including those bottles that are round or  oval , with the addition of a wrap station, square or unusually shaped. Utilizing a top stabilizer, the “Accutrak” captures and controls the product during the label application. With the optional variable-speed wrap station, full or partial wrap-around labels may be applied.

In Summary Here are the main points for this blog post:

  • Labels for glass bottles have unique requirements in terms of text, graphics, placement and the need to make products standout and catch the discriminating consumers’ eyes.
  • Labels can be placed on the front or back of a bottle as well as wrapped around the bottle.
  • Some equipment that can add labels to glass bottles through a system that utilizes different controls, feeding devices, and labeling processes, including stabilizers and label applicators, includes the Accutrak rotary labeling system, the AccuWrap wrap labeling system, and the Accutrak for front and back pressure-sensitive labels.


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