Label System: Blow-on Label Applicator for Non-Contact Operation

For non-contact operation for certain label applications, you will need a label system that employs an alternative approach. A good example of such a label system is a blow-on label applicator that can offer you a wide range of features that facilitate non-contact operation, including promotional or spot labels. A blow-on label applicator functions with an airstream that creates a low pressure vacuum  holding the label in place on a vacuum pad until it is ready to be applied. Then, when the time is right, the flow of the air is reversed and the label is blown on to the product form the vacuum pad.

A Flexible Label System This machine is flexible in terms of the size of label it can apply. For instance, it can handle up to a 4.5” x 4.5” label without there being any need to change parts to accommodate a different label size. All it takes is moving the air tubes into a different pattern to accommodate different label shapes and sizes. An added feature is the fact that it applies labels without product contact so there is no need for the operator to match the speed with the conveyor or the product. There is flexibility in applicator positioning as well so that the label system can apply the label to the top or side of the product. The label system can be reversed or placed at a 90 degree angle to the product travel for the proper label application.  With its standard mounting plate the label system can also be oriented for a left hand or right hand operation.

Superior, User-Friendly Technology These machines are built to perform in terms of speed, accuracy, and uptime. Also, the modular design helps to effectively integrate the label system into a production line. Imagine having a system that can apply all the labels that you need without touching the product – that’s going to help quickly increase the production volume output for a product that requires a blow-on label operation. Having a color touch panel display is also a plus as it makes it easy to use and determine where the process of label application stands. It also has the ability to quickly diagnose any system faults to help minimize downtime. Minimal parts and durable construction also reduce the likelihood that something will go wrong and stop production.

In Review Remember these key points about a label system that can deliver blow-on label application for non-contact operations:

  • These machines use  air to both hold the label on to the vacuum pad and to blow labels onto various materials and products thanks to a series of tubes that, when repositioned, can apply different label shapes and sizes.
  • It is important to select a machine that can be reconfigured and integrated in a number of different production lines as well as offer a user-friendly system that is easy to operate and enhances uptime.


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