Industrial Labeling Systems: Printer and Applicator for Tight Spaces

label system corner wrapNot every production line has enough available space to fit in all of the necessary equipment like a industrial labeling systems. But there are labelers available on today’s market that are designed to fit into those tight spaces. A good example of a label system suitable for smaller spaces is the corner wrap print and apply (label printer and applicator) system which can be found among the  labelers  now on the market.

Space-Saving Features While there are many label wrap systems out there, which offer great features and capabilities, they may not fit on all production lines  as many can be oversized. However, there are models that do not require a significant amount of aisle space and use a design that enables many components to be mounted on a face plate rather than be spread out over a larger footprint. In fact, some models are as compact as 38 inches long and only 16 inches deep. Here’s how a   label print and apply system works. The label roll is unwound and delivered into a thermal transfer print engine which prints the label image required. The printed label is dispensed onto a vacuum pad as the label backing material is pulled away and rewound. Then, the carton pushes into the vacuum pad picking up the label. From there, a pivot roller wipes the label around the corne, with label application complete, the spring-loaded pad returns to its home position. This can be true whether the application is for the leading or trailing edge of the carton. No factory air is required, which saves even more space and cost. It is simple, effective, and highly productive in its output.

Functionality and Flexibility This type of label system l is known for its rugged construction as well as its use of materials and components that can withstand harsh environments. It can be   offered with a choice of print engines manufactured by Datamax, Sato or Zebra which helps to create a custom machine that is aligned with the label design software you already use, your needs in terms of production volume and the sizes of the labels you require. Despite having such a narrow shape overall, you can find a label system that has a completely modular design that allows operators to reach all components of the system, including electronics and pneumatics. If an applicator module has a problem, it can be replaced very quickly thanks to removing just a few screws   so that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and production can continue full speed ahead.

In Summary Here are some main points to keep in mind about a label system that can fit and work productively in tight production floor spaces:

  • There are label systems designed to fit into tight spaces that use a modular, corner wrap design.
  • The small Corner Wrap Label Print and Apply Labeler offers the same technology, quality and  production capabilities , as the standard  versions.
  • Look for a machine that features a number of space-saving features as well as value-added functionality and flexibility.


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