Printing On Baby Bottles

The number of babies expected to be born in the next year is less than usual due to the coronavirus problem. However, there are still many babies who need baby bottles and nipples to fulfill their feeding needs.

There are dozens of companies who manufacture baby bottles in varying shapes and sizes. Most ensure that in addition to their own logo, there are markings to indicate the number of ounces that can be put into the bottle. This may range from 4- to 6- to as much as 8 ounces or more.Baby Bottle

Why is this important?
Because babies can’t let us know their needs, moms and dads rely on the recommendations of their doctor and the number of ounces a baby drinks to ensure that they are staying hydrated.  Without these markings, parents wouldn’t be able to tell how much their infant is actually consuming making it harder to be sure they are well fed and full.

Ancillary Products
Bottle nipples now come in sizes. While there may be some differences between brands, generally a size -one nipple has a small hole, for babies from birth to age 6 months. Size two thru four nipples have larger holds for older babies. There are even special nipples for preemies.  These nipples are marked with a number so that parents can identify the right size.

For those who feed their babies breastmilk, there are storage bags available. These must also carry markings in order to keep track of the number of ounces of milk available. Seems like a small thing but everything is measured and marked.

One size does NOT fit all
As stated, bottles vary in shape and size. Thus, solutions for printing and coding on bottles must match the various needs of the manufacturer.

Our team has expertise in helping you configure the optimal solution to fit your facility, the line, and the bottles you’re producing. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

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