Re-Pack Indexing Star Wheel Labeler (Without Conveyor)

Open Framed Labeling System


Labeling systems without conveyors are designed because many packaging operations already have conveyors in place. Such packaging operations may desire to add in-line labeling without incurring the cost and production interruption caused by having to “cut into” existing conveyors in order to install a traditional labeling system equipped with its own conveyor.

The opportunity to install an automated labeler on an existing conveyor has many advantages and can offer significant cost savings. Being able to roll a system on an independent stand up to an existing conveyor and quickly make the installation of such a system can fit many situations.

The indexing starwheel of this version of a labeler without a conveyor captures a container moving along the existing conveyor and rotates ¼ turn to the labeling station where the label is applied to that container. Once that application is complete the starwheel rotates again ¼ turn and returns the now labeled container to the exiting path of the existing conveyor.

The containers are labeled within the space already available on the current production line and without any change to existing equipment. Neat, quick and cost efficient! Let us help you investigate this possible solution if you think it could help your production.

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