Re-Pack Top & Bottom Labeling System With Conveyors

Automatic Labeling System


Some labeling applications, such as the food industry, require the product to be transported on a belted conveyor and labeled on both the top and bottom panels. Top panel labels are quite often graphically appealing and for the purpose of product marketing or shelf display. Bottom panel labels are usually for the listing of nutritional ingredients or other required industry information.

In such applications two conveyors placed end to end, with a very small gap between the ends, are employed. The product is transported to the first conveyor where a labeling head is mounted over the top of the product path. Once the top label has been applied to the passing product, the bottom label can be fed by a labeler below the conveyors up through the small gap between the ends of the conveyors. As the container transitions from the first conveyor to the second (across the small open gap) it picks up the label being fed from below and the bottom label is applied. In this way two labels are applied without the need for a second full labeling operation as both labels are applied in a single product pass in a very short physical distance.

This engineering approach to dual panel labeling allows for the accurate dual panel labeling of high volume products at significant speed.

We also offer a complete line of semi-automatic top and bottom labelers for situations where the product volume does not require fully automated transport and label application to satisfy production. Our semi-automatic top and bottom labelers consist of a base and platform with labeling heads mounted above and below a product locating fixture. The product will be manually placed into the fixture and both applicators activated with a single switch. Once activated, tamp pads will extend placing the labels on the top and bottom of the product.

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