Rotech RF-Box Feeder

Ideal for the automatic feeding of boxes in their flat form.

The Rotech RF-Box Feeder can handle a variety of different sized boxes in their flat form. It’s twin conveyor design allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor so that they can be individually marked or labelled ready for operator removal.

Continuous operation gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds. This machine has a horizontal bed and as with all the RF range these products are fed stack-to-stack and can be fitted with a wide range of coding, marking and labelling technologies as well as post-print inspection systems.

Key features of the RF-Box Feeder are:

  • Twin conveyor design to separate boxes
  • Modular framework design
  • Easily adjusted for different sized boxes
  • Fixed speed drive (preset value can be changed)

Technical Information (Standard Machine)

System dimensions (L x W x H) 2020 x 530 x 1575 Machine (875 to top of conveyor)
Box dimensions min. 200 x 200mm, max. 700 x 400mm
Box thickness min. 3mm

This data refers to the basic unit without the integration of a printing/labelling system

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