Security Labels

Unfortunately, brand reputations are being tarnished across the country because of the high-rate of counterfeit products. Consumers are losing trust, even amongst the most well-known brands. As a result, security labels are trending across all markets as a way to better track and prevent counterfeit products.

Particularly within the food and beverage industry, printed security labels with irreversible thermochromic ink technology can let the consumer know it is safe to consume. The ink changes colors in response to temperature fluctuations. Distributors use this label technology to see if a product is tainted and can pull the product before selling.RFID Labels

We are all becoming more aware of the necessity for security in just about everything that we do, the same applies in the world of business. It has been known for assets to “disappear” or it could be that they have simply been misplaced. This can be a primary reason why companies are increasingly turning to security labels.

Serial I.D.s, tamper evident labels, mini QR codes, void film and RFID tags are also gaining popularity to help fight the war on counterfeiting, product diversion and product tampering.

There are many different types of security labels. For instance:

  • Security label with a QR code
  • Two-tone labels
  • Two-tone Dot Matrix security labels
  • Tear & Sew labels
  • Silicon Encapsulated Hologram labels

They can also come in one of two distinct forms: a void label which is adhered to the surface of an item, and should anyone attempt to remove the label, the word ‘void’ appears and remains on the item. The second is the destructible label, which, as the name implies, should this type be tampered with, the label will split apart in sections. This will cause anyone to know immediately that the product has been tampered with.

The material choice will depend upon the general location of the item, possible method of transportation as well as storage. The most commonly used material is plastic, but increasingly we are seeing the use of metal as well as fiber.

You can also:

  • Add barcodes and numbering to your labels. Ensuring an easy way to track your product and/or equipment
  • Customize your labels with your own graphics, i.e., text, color, and logo design
  • Use Die-cut labels that feature unique shapes that are difficult to reproduce, such as octagons, butterfly, or rounded rectangular labels

At Griffin-Rutgers, we offer three different types of tamper evident labeling systems from Accutrak. The T.E. 80 is designed to apply tamper evident labels at speeds up to 80 ppm; the T.E. 150, 150 ppm; the T.E. 250, 250 ppm.  All three of our tamper evident labeling systems can be supplied with one, two, or three label applicators.  The applicators can be mounted in any combination of either top or side.  The basic frame of the system is the same as on our standard Accutrak Front and Back Labeling System.  The base is modified to allow for a wide variety of applicator mounting arrangements, fold tooling, and wipe down devices.  Many options are available for this machine including alarm packages, inspections, and verification devices. Please contact us for more information on this or any of our other products.

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