The Unique Labeling Needs for Bakeries

If you walk into a grocery or department store and check out the baked goods section, chances are you will look at the labels and the ingredients and some of the other packaging that those products come in. More and more consumers read labels for sugar, sodium and calories along with gluten-free, GMO information and more. While you may not put much thought into the process of labeling, suppliers to these chains know they need to adhere to strict labeling conventions. This is especially true if the packager ships across the country or even globally.Bakery Labeling

In addition to having to meet federal and state labeling and packaging guidelines, manufacturers who ship to these larger stores also have to adhere to the unique packaging and labeling requirements of each of its clients. For example, Walmart requires that labels be placed on more than one side of a package, while other stores require the labeling to be all on one side or the top or bottom exclusively.

When we talk about labeling we are also discussing barcodes and other identifiers for each product that is delivered to a location.

The suppliers of labels for bakeries and baked goods also need to consider whether the items will be in the freezer case, a refrigerated section or merely on a shelf in the bakery as this will require that a unique type of labeling be provided. Using thermal transfer and direct thermal printing can get the job done for most of the printing required and it’s best to talk with one of our print and label specialists to uncover the type of printer that will best suit your needs and and most efficiently integrated into your facility.

Keep in mind that in addition to placement and the environment in which the label will be used, a manufacturer also needs to keep in mind ease of use in terms of accommodating the various labeling requirements for different retail customers. Determine whether you need to have the label used with various print engines, the type of software and hardware you have available, if you need to integrate the printing across multiple platforms and in more than one location. Talk with us to find a print configuration that will be able to provide you the highest quality printing with the highest level of ease of use.

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