Top Trends: 3 New Types of Labeling Equipment for Your Business

As applications and requirements for labeling continue to evolve, the industry continues to push the limits of technology to respond to these new trends by delivering new types of labeling equipment that help your business respond. Labeling Equipment This blog post briefly highlights three new types of labeling equipment machines that may prove beneficial if you’re seeking to expend your product line, increase production volume, or meet new stringent labeling requirements for the industries you serve.

  1. Barcode and Laminated Label Printers: These printers are intended to service the healthcare industry and offer a complete desktop solution for barcode and laminated printing applications that require a superior finish, the durability to withstand harsh environments, and superior print quality. Examples of healthcare applications include calibration, asset management, security and safety compliance, and specimens and biologic samples. The labels can withstand extreme temperatures, a wide range of chemicals, and moisture. Labels can be easily designed by even the novice while changes can be done quickly if labels need adjustment on the fly. This ensures that too many unused labels are not printed, which keeps costs down, and also helps to not delay the process of getting certain jobs done. Other features include the ability to print as small as a three-point font size to keep even small print at its sharpest as well as the technical design to perform reliably even with constant use.
  2. Front-and-Back Bottle Labeler: With so many labeling requirements today, a labeling equipment product often must have a label on the front and back to include all required information. This can be a challenge for many manufacturers unless they install a system that can apply labels on the front and back of the product, using a wipe-on brush applicator to conform the label to the package shape. These machines are highly flexible to work with all types of bottle sizes and shapes and are already building a strong reputation for reliability.
  3. Tamp-Blow Label Printer-Applicator: The tamp-flow application process has been around for a while but new technology is advancing what is possible, including printing various dpi text bar code and images that have become an integral part of labeling equipment requirements. The new tamp-blow label printer-applicator models are able to perform faster and handle additional label sizes for added functionality to a production line.

In Summary Here are the key points to keep in mind about the latest and greatest labeling equipment that’s come to market:

  • The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from barcode and laminated label printers that are table-top size but are powerful workhorses when it comes to delivering durable, accurate, and superior labels for a wide range of healthcare applications.
  • More labeling requirements across industries means that businesses that have to label their bottles on the front and back will surely benefit from a front-and-back bottle-labeler that takes all of the pain out of the process.
  • Tamp-blow label printer-applicators are becoming better at doing more things, including handling a range of label sizes and text bar code and image requirements while increasing their output rate.


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