3 Creative Ideas For A Unique Display Label

Product purveyors know that a display label is critical for attracting customers to an item on retail shelves. The label must stand out to get the necessary attention amongst all the other competitive products crammed in around, above, and below the product. That’s why it is well worth the time and effort to create a unique packaging label that draws attention and ultimately facilitates your product being selected above and beyond all others on the shelves. Here are a few tips and tricks on what to focus on to create a unique display label, which, of course, must also contain pertinent information like product information and pricing.

1.     Shape: One way to stand out is to use a different label shape than the competition, which may mean moving beyond the typical round, square or rectangular format. You could consider something unique like a diamond or heart, if appropriate to your product type and your brand image. You can also find specific printing equipment that offers custom shapes to assure your item is different than all the rest. You can also create an interesting label by using a traditional shape but printing a secondary color on it in a different shape, such as a rectangular label with a diamond shape within it.

2.     Color: Since consumers are drawn to all things visual, color is critical to a unique display label. However, it doesn’t just mean using something bright like a neon green or hot pink just to get attention. Colors like red and yellow are known to psychologically stimulate buyers, but those still may not be appropriate for what you are trying to convey. The coloring on your label is important in terms of being product appropriate as well as blending with your brand’s image. The label color must also coordinate with the package color whether it is a bottle, tube, or cardboard box. To further hone your color decision, do some competitive analysis by checking out what the competition is doing so your label design is decidedly different in the best possible way.

3.     Logos: In creating a memorable brand, which also helps consumers pick your product over another one, the brand image often is made up of a logo. As previously noted, consumers are visual so if they have a picture to remember you by, they will reach for your product when they see it. The label is the best place to promote your logo and create a consistent representation of what you stand for across product lines and promotional materials. Logos can evoke emotion so make the most of this opportunity. And, ensure the logo mark is prominent so consumers can recognize it as they pass by or scan the shelves.

In Summary In summarizing the key creative ideas for a unique display label, remember these points:

  • Step outside of traditional shapes for something different by creating a label that shape or incorporating a shape imprint on a traditionally shaped label.
  • Go with a color that outdoes the competition and catches the consumer eye without veering too far away from your brand image, color of the package or container, or aesthetic look that is considered pleasing.
  • Generate a memorable logo that is big enough to catch the eye of consumers who scan the shelves for something they may remember as being connected to high quality and value.


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