Bottom Labeling Systems Are Different!

This article possibly should be titled, “Getting to the bottom of your product is a challenge.”  It’s overly simplified to say the bottom of something is the bottom because it’s standing on that surface, but that’s exactly the problem – access.  Bottom labeling, or coding, requires clear access to the bottom.  That’s it.

Systems for products that require identification on the bottom surface consist of a support “platform” of some sort with the labeling head or coder mounted on the bottom. The product upon which a label or code is needed will be drawn into the system and the label or code will be applied.Bottom Labeling System

For conveyor transported items being moved in-line, assuming that an operation cannot turn the product over and label or code from the side or top then, a clever means of reaching the bottom has to be found.  Size and shape of the item to be identified will determine the approach necessary to gain access to the bottom for printing or label application.  For long items (8 foot long pieces of flooring trim) that can span an opening and remain stable and upright, then a simple gap between two co-speed conveyors can suffice.  But a small jar can’t usually span an opening and remain standing.  For those products where vertical stability is necessary a co-speed set of side “hugger” belts can grab an item from both sides and transport it forward through a labeling system or coding device.  Since the hugger belts capture and hold the product from the sides this also leaves the bottom, top, front and back of the container exposed for label application. So not only is the hugger belt system is ideal for small products that are too unstable to. transport without support, it also is ideal when multi-panel labels are required to be wrapped around multiple product surfaces.

For operations that have lower product throughput needs, semi-automatic systems exist that can address the need for labeling and coding on the bottom.  Semi-automatic labeling and coding systems are traditionally hand loaded devices that allow the operator to manipulate the product making access to the bottom a much easier problem to solve.

Whether your manufacturing needs require coding or labeling on the bottom of a product, either in-line on a conveyor or off-line with a semi-automatic device, Griffin-Rutgers has a system that will suit every need. A bottom labeling or coding system can be configured to handle bottles or jars, cartons or trays and can apply codes or labels to virtually any shape of product.

Bottom labeling systems are used for a wide variety of package types in a wide range of industries such as the following:

  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Medical devices

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