Creating Authentic Food Labeling

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, 75% of those who responded, noted that if the term ‘organic’ was used on the label or in the marketing campaign, they were more likely to make a purchase of said item. Nearly 60% were attracted to any given item if it was labeled ‘all natural’. The survey also found that roughly 20% of the respondents have full trust in organic food labels, with less than 60% having only partial trust. Other studies reported by the Pew Research Center underscore these findings: Americans desire more organic food, and that number has grown steadily over the past few decades. The majority of Americans buy food based on labeling.Food Labeling

Perhaps you are a start-up packager of food products, or you are re-branding your products, creating authentic food labeling connects you with your target market hoping to increase your profitability. Therefore, the content of the label and printing a label for your product is incredibly important.

As important the overall components of the design are, it is also key to make sure that you include specific information on your labels; both the information required by law, and what the customers want to see.

Here’s three key components for creating authentic food labeling:

Your brand name:
The brand name of your product is one of the most key components to the overall design. It’s the name by which your product will be recognized, how your customers will refer to it, and recommend to others. Make sure it’s clear and recognizable.

Work to gain trust, not just dollars:
When your goal is customer retention and trust, the authenticity of the labeling is vital. This may attract new customers, but will not guarantee return customers.

Use the ‘real estate’ on your label wisely to market the facts, and make sure to include any certifiers on your label to back up your claims. If your product cannot say that it is non-GMO, or certified organic, do not use such claims. Be conservative, and honest. If, however, your product can maintain such claims, be prepared to support it.

Your product will more than likely require a UPC or barcode. This is used for scanning and recognition that is unique to the product. It is used for traceability through every step of the life span of your product.

While your marketing department is fully responsible for creating an effective label, we have many options for printing the label on your product packaging. Many of these labelers can be integrated to print in color, use different font and sizes, and other variables that you can incorporate based on your graphics.

We have printers and labels that can work for you. When you are ready to explore your options, give us a call and we will work with you to develop the best printing system. We will help you to incorporate the right system for you which may include the Accuwrap Wrap Labeler or the Accutrak Front and Back system.

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