Designing a Display Label: 4 Elements to Consider

Designing a Display LabelWhen it comes to a display label, there are some very specific elements that you must consider when creating a design that stands out on the shelf and garners the attention you are seeking from your target customer.  Here are some important elements that you will want to consider in your design.

  1. Readability: Most importantly, you want consumers to be able to read what is on the display label so they can garner all information needed to make a purchase decision.  This means ensuring a customer is able to read the label with even a fast glance while on the run.  Often there are only precious seconds where you have a prospect’s attention, so be sure to have some key information in larger type that can be viewed even a few feet away.
  2. Color: Color is, of course, another key way to make a label stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. However, other color considerations relate to ensuring the color complements the company’s brand image and logo, the product, and the packaging. Many Web sites or graphic design manuals are available to show you how to bring the right colors together to make a positive marketplace impact.
  3. Graphics: Another way to catch a consumer’s eye is to use graphic images that are appealing to them like a high-quality illustration or photograph that can make the label pop and even evoke emotion. These images can be purchased cheaply from various companies that allow you to use the graphics under a licensing agreement. This can be a low-cost alternative to having a specific design or photo commissioned specifically for you by a professional designer or photographer.
  4. Label Size: The label size is critical because it can facilitate readability as well as complement the package in a way that makes it stand out on a crowded display shelf. When determining label size, think about the size and shape of the container on which it’ll be affixed to make sure it does not overpower the package and that it can hold up during distribution. You may want to have more than one label – for the front and back – and each may require two different size labels. Or, you can use the same size label but adjust graphics and font to accommodate all the information.

In Review In reviewing what to consider when designing a display label, remember these four elements:

  • Design a label that can be read far away and disseminated quickly by the consumer when there is only seconds to impress them to buy your product.
  • Color needs to be eye-catching but also coordinate with the package, product, and brand scheme.
  • Graphics like illustrations and photos can be added to a label to make the product stand out.
  • Label size is critical in terms of matching the packaging size as well as the amount of information that the label or labels need to hold.


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