How to Design a Display Label for Your Product

As part of the marketing of your product, the display label is a mission-critical component that can help inspire—or deter—a purchase decision. A well designed and printed label can draw a prospective customer to the product and then convince them to buy based on what they see and read. There are multiple crucial elements that are involved in designing a display label that’s a true standout.

Elements of a Display Label that Gets Noticed

  • Color: Color is an important element that can catch the eye on the retail shelf, but the design should aptly coordinate with the company’s overarching brand image and color scheme.
  • Readability: From the font and character spacing to the number and placement of words and information to be printed on the label, you need to think about designing it in a way that the consumers can read, understand, and emotionally and/or intellectually connect with.
  • Shape: Depending on the product, you may need to think about changing the shape of the label to best align with the package shape. For instance, a bottle might have an oval display label while a food label on a box might be rectangular. The shape of the label needs to complement the overall packaging to make it appealing and relevant to the consumer.
  • Graphics: Today’s consumer often relates with images and symbols that help to emotionally engage them with the product. Choose images that help sell the product but be sure to use these sparingly as it can easily overwhelm if label is full of graphics.
  • Content: Information is a powerful tool and labels need to relay a lot of data—some required due to stringent laws—but they also have to help the consumer make a point of sale decision. Effective content will also include a point of contact for more information, such as a QR code or at least a web site address.
  • Material: Another design factor is the label material since this is what maintains the integrity of the actual label design over time and throughout various environments. This facet should be considered in terms of where the product will be stored, shipped, and displayed.

Beyond these key considerations it is also a good idea to research what the competition has produced on their display label so that you can differentiate your design and ensure the product has a marketplace edge. In Summary Here are some main ideas about what to think about when designing a display label:

  • Elements to include in the design are label shape, colors, and graphics to set the label apart from others and align with the company’s brand look and messaging about the product.
  • Readability is crucial along with the actual content because that is where information is that can influence the purchase decision.
  • The label has to look good over time, so the label material can ensure that all the other elements last despite many types of environments.


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