Labeling Systems: Features of the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp

As a kid, do you remember trying to get a square peg into a round hole? You sure were determined, weren’t you? For many companies, that’s what it feels like with certain package types. The truth is, not every item has the perfect shape and size to make labeling easy. Often, labeling systems are simply not designed for packages and labeling needs that are outside the “norm.” That’s where the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp labeling system can come into play. If you have a unique labeling need, you should check out these features:

  • Semi-Automatic Operation:  The Re-Pack Table Top Tamp features a semi-automatic operation. Simply place the product into a holding fixture, move it into place, and touch a button. That’s all there is to it. Plus, you have the choice of a fixture-mounted micro switch product detection to avoid that pesky “push of a button” step.
  • Perfect for Unusual Shapes: Not every package can fit into a universal system. While many companies have perfectly square packages that normal labeling systems can easily handle, this doesn’t describe every need.
  • Versatility: With standard features such as removable tamp pads and adjustable product fixtures, the Table Top Tamp provides versatility to the end-user.
  • Low Cost: When compared to a fully automated labeling systems with similar physical attributes and design features, the Table Top Tamp provides a low-cost choice.
  • Simple Installation: This system provides an “out of the box” setup, with an installation that can be done without any experience with similar labeling systems.
  • Tamper Evident Version: If your company has the need to apply “tamper evident” labels, you can choose to purchase a Table Top Tamp with this capability. With a head mounted at an angle and a “V” style application pad, a security label can be applied to a pair of panels simultaneously.
  • Rugged Support Base: The support base of the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp features a heavy duty construction that ensures stability during its use.
  • Going Mobile: A floor height  base with locking casters is available. This provides the option of making the Table Top Tamp mobile.

In Summary If your company is searching for a solution to label an unusual product or package that won’t break the bank, the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp may be a perfect fit. If you utilize this system, these are the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Easy installation allows first time buyers and labeling novices the opportunity to utilize a machine without a complex and time-consuming setup.
  • The lower cost of the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp makes the machine a very accessible option when sifting through the plethora of labeling systems available on the market.
  • If your company produces items that are unusual in shape and in need of labeling, this unit may be a perfect fit. Of course, if you have standard square boxes, those will work perfectly as well.
  • In accordance with the semi-automatic nature of the system, the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp provides an operation that always meets the feed rate of the operator and can be adjusted to work with either the single touch of a button or by way of product detection.
  • This well-built system is solidly constructed, all the way down to the rugged construction of its support base, which provides the perfect stability.
  • A “Tamper Evident” version of the Re-Pack Table Top Tamp allows for the option of applying security labels to the products that require it.
  • Between its exchangeable tamp pads and customizable product fixtures, in addition to other standard features; versatility is the key component of the system.
  • The option of mobility provides additional flexibility by mounting it on a mobile base on locking casters.


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