On-Brand Packaging

Almost everything we eat, wear, or use comes in some sort of packaging. The package is a way to get information about your product to the consumer, but in reality, marketing places a large role in how your product is perceived. On-brand packaging creates the first impression on the potential buyer, and it’s important that it conveys a clear message.

On-Brand PackagingTo be inviting, packaging needs to be part of the customer’s journey. It’s important to understand what consumers want, and be able to provide it to them whenever, and wherever they want it. Most consumers now have cell phones, giving them the advantage to find out more about the products on the shelves.

For instance, with the use of a QR code, the consumer can quickly and easily scan the code to get more information about the product. Making sure that the code is clear is as important as the overall design of the label. Griffin-Rutgers can match the correct printer and coder to your packaging line to ensure the necessary codes are crisp and clear. It is also important that they blend seamlessly into the overall design of your label.

In the food industry, many manufacturers are launching more single-serve easy to open, slim packages. Because of their size, they need to convey a clear, concise message with one glance, using a minimal amount of graphics. If you are thinking about targeting millennials, reaching them with quick, fast messages is important. It is equally important that the print be clear, and that includes bar codes and expiry dates.

Todays’ consumer wants instant access to any information available about the product they are buying and the labels are meant to communicate a purpose – what the brand stands for and what it is communicating to the consumer. Labels leave a lasting impression on the shelf, and in the mind of the consumer.

Because of the accuracy and reliability of the printers and coders we offer, the necessary graphics can flow seamlessly within the full design of the label, and not detract from the message being conveyed.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, contact Griffin-Rutgers and let us put our years of experience in providing printing, coding and labeling solutions for packaging to work for you.


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