“Coders” by our definition are a piece of equipment integrated into a packaging machine to print variable information such as the product ID, lot #, expiry date, linear or 2D codes, logos or symbols, etc. on to the product that is being packaged or the package itself. This “coding” process helps identify the product. The need to identify the item might be to meet regulatory requirements, provide information to customers, track the item thru the supply chain, meet the manufacturer’s needs or any other reason. The technology employed to accomplish this can be one of many with examples being wet ink, hot stamping, ink jet (piezo high resolution, continuous ink jet, thermal ink jet), thermal transfer overprinter’s or laser.

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The decision as to which technology is correct for your application lies in the answers to several possible questions which, as examples, could be: what is the information required to identify the product and in what font size? Will the information be fixed for an entire batch or production run such as a lot number and expiry date or will it change with each individual print as with a serialized number? How often does the information, if fixed, change over during a day? What is the material to be printed? What is the anticipated life cycle of the product? Will there be any interactions with environmental conditions to consider (sunlight, solvents, etc.)? How many prints per minute output is required? What is the projects budget? It is important to select the correct “coding” method to fit specific or even general needs. Griffin-Rutgers engineers would be happy to discuss the specifications of your project and then recommend the correct “coding” solution.


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Packaging Coding

Packaging Coding For The Cosmetic Industry

In every industry, the trend for more eco-friendly packaging is taking an upturn.  We are seeing that trend even in the cosmetic industry.  When one thinks ‘cosmetics’ it brings to mind makeup, but, the cosmetic industry encompasses more than just eye shadow and blush. It includes everything from toothpaste to lipsticks. As such, it needs […]

Special Features of High-Resolution Inkjet Systems

High-resolution inkjet systems are one of the many available package coding systems for the distribution packaging coding industry. However, this particular system, which works well with detailed codes like barcodes, has a set of special features that often set it apart from other types of machines. Here we’ve highlighted some of the many available features and functions found with high-resolution inkjet systems.

Blister Packs

Coding And Labeling On Blister Packs And Clamshells

Packaging has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Clear packaging, like blister packs and clamshells are becoming a popular choice among manufacturers today. Some studies suggest that shoppers are as much as 400% more likely to pick up a package if they can see the product that is inside.

Egg Coding

Egg Coding With Thermal Inkjet Printers

Food safety is paramount for egg producers. The ability to effectively communicate traceability data and important information helps ensure producers are in compliance with safety regulations.

Offline Carton Coding

Carton Coding machines have numerous usages but pharmaceutical carton printing has created an industry based on the benefits of offline carton coding. Because pharmaceutical cartons are many times constructed a specific way, they create a high demand for offline machines. Often, pharmaceutical cartons are used for the packing of multiple packs, labeled erect and put […]

pharmaceutical manufacturer

Offline Coding Leads To Compliance

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers could be facing increased costs due to re-engineering of production lines to satisfy newly upgraded European Union Falsified Medicines Directives (FMD). Printing and packaging systems that carry out coding, and its related post-print inspection, offline as an independent process might make it easier for manufacturers to meet the new compliance requirements […]

10 Tips for Choosing Distribution Packing Coding Equipment for Your Business

When you are thinking of selecting distribution packing coding equipment for your business, there are many things to consider from pricing, to application, to materials, to ease-of-use. Amid the wide range of distribution packing coding equipment available, how can a company procure a model that best assures accuracy and productivity while decreasing costs and downtime for its specific application?