Re-Pack Coder / Rewinder PCW16 RSS

Unwind / Rewind system with thermal ink jet printer

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This pharmaceutical grade label unwind/rewind station has been specifically designed to integrate with a wide variety of code printing and inspection devices. The system includes the tabletop coding/rewind station with integrated mounting platform and fully adjustable mounting brackets for cameras and coders as standard equipment.

The feeding of the labels from the input roll is controlled by a drive and nip roller assembly to ensure a constant rate of speed. The labels are unwound, passed beneath the applicable coder and inspection system, and then are precisely rewound onto a standard 3″ core, or other core diameter as determined by the customer to suit their need.

If coding and inspecting labels off-line is your need within the constraints of your packaging operation, then the PCW16 RSS may be the perfect system to fulfill the task you face. The photo above shows the system with optional coding and inspection devices.

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