Markoprint X4Jet Multi-Printhead

HP or LX print system with onboard label creation and editing. Runs up to 4 HP or LX print heads._This system provides rapid printing capabilities


Markoprint X4Jet Multi-Printhead Coding System

The Markoprint X4Jet controls up to 4 HP or LX print heads. These printheads can be set to print one 2” tall image on one production line or four ½” tall images on four separate production lines. The X4Jet controller allows for onboard label creation and editing.  This system provides high sped printing capabilities and allows fro different print triggers and different print speeds on different packaging lines.

The flexibility of printhead configuration allows this system to be superbly versatile in meeting the most demanding coding needs. The system can print text, logos, graphics, all formats of lineal bar codes and high density 2 D codes and can increment printed information on its own or from a database.

The X4Jet can be used as a stand-alone system with its integrated 2.7“ OLE display and iLogic input or the print designs can created using iDesign message creation software. The animated graphics of the controller make for very simple operation.

Let us know about your most demanding and complex coding need and together we can determine if the X4Jet is the system for your need.

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