Accufast PMx with HDF Feeder

Thermal ink jet, up to 600 dpi, 1.5 to 8″ print height, up to 100 ips


Carton and Card Ink Jet Printing Systems Offer Excellent Print Images For Complete Texts, Bar Codes And Variable Information

Use the ACCUFAST pmX to add variable data including text, bar codes, and sequential numbers to your folding boxes, blister cards, single labels and bags.

The off-line pmX transport/printing system, has revolutionized commercial ink jet printing. It enables any business to increase its capacity for productivity without re-tooling the shop and without jeopardizing quality.

The ACCUFAST pmX is equipped with an Imager system that may be highly customized. Two Imager mounting bars support up to 4 Imagers, each Imager with as many as 4 ink cartridges, each cartridge printing 1/2″. The system will handle items as large as 14″ x 17″, with a thickness from a single sheet up to 0.50″, at speeds up to 100″ per second.

Combine precise image control and repeatability with a large library of standard bar codes, add in a variety of special application inks along with numerous Imager configurations to create an incredible bar code printer. precision components provide the strong foundation necessary to meet industrial accuracy specifications.

The pmX allows the use of spot color, rotated graphics, and dynamic bitmaps to improve and individualize the required information. As information complexity increases, add printing capacity by adding Imagers, not by purchasing another printer.

The built in number generator is an ideal tool for, serializing or coding. The pmX allows both bar codes and human readable text to be printed at the same time.

Full print flexibility in a compact, fast-moving system.

Imager Configurations

The ACCUFAST pmX is equipped with an Imager system that may be highly customized. The two Imager mounting bars support up to 4 Imagers, each with as many as 4 cartridges (3 cartridges is standard). The combination at right consists of a satellite Imager with two individually mounted cartridges, a single auto capping and a single manual capping Imager. This machine will print two 1.5″ bands and two 0.5″ bands on pieces up to 0.5″ thick. This application was created to print blocks of information on a publication with two small bar codes and some text at the bottom of the book.

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