Bar Code Printers

Barcode printers and scanners are commonplace. They are used by small retail businesses and large manufacturers.

Barcodes became successful in the commercial market when they began to be used to automate supermarket checkout systems.  The use of linear barcodes, and now 2D codes, has spread into virtually every other sector.

Retail, package delivery, warehousing and distribution, and manufacturing, can all benefit from the use of bar codes.

Each barcode is encrypted with certain product information.  They are applied to products as a means of identification and used in retail stores as part of the purchasing process, and in warehouses to keep track of inventory.

Determining which barcode printer will best fit your needs depends on many factors, including your business needs, what environment the printer will be used in, how often you’ll be printing, and what kind of connectivity you’ll need.

At Griffin-Rutgers, we offer a variety of barcode printers to effectively print your information accurately.  We specialize in guiding our customers to choose the correct code printer to do the job effectively and at an affordable cost point.

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