Re-Pack Mini Panel Labeling System

Entry level offering that can be equipped with the majority of the options from our Open Frame Series of labelers


The Re-Pack Mini Series of labelers continues to evolve. We are now offering a Mini Panel System, which can be supplied with one or two labeling heads, to apply labels to the top or side panels of your packaging.

This labeler is an excellent option for new packaging companies that are moving from manual operation to the first steps of automated packaging. It can be used offline (hand fed, semi-automatically) or integrated with a production line in fully automatic operation.

The system is compact enough to be operated (loaded and unloaded) by a single operator for efficiency of personnel. Although the Mini Series of machines is an entry level offering, it can be equipped with the majority of the options from our fully integrated system labelers which include: specific feeding and spacing devices, alarm systems, date/lot coders, and inspection and reject stations.

If space, cost, or level of automation are current concerns to your growing company, let us show you how a Re-Pack Mini System can be of help in your company growth.

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