What Is a “Three Roller Indexing Labeling System”?

Re-Pack three roller indexing labeling systems are those designed to “orient a cylindrically shaped item and apply a wrap-around label.” In this labeling process, the label application is accurately aligned to a specific spot on the individual product item. This unique labeling process can be accomplished with a fully automated, in-line system or as an off-line, semi-automatic, hand loaded process. In both approaches, printing of additional information on the label can take place automatically.Three Roller Indexing

In the semi-automatic, hand loaded application; the item is placed into a cradle made up of three rollers. Once label application is initiated, the rollers then move together to capture and rotate the item. Once the item is rotating at a constant speed, a sensor locates a reference spot for label application and the system precisely dispenses the label so as to be applied accurately.

In the on-line fully automatic process, an item being conveyed along a production or packaging line will be first properly spaced and then transported to the label application location where a sensor detects the product and initiates the complete labeling sequence as described above; the three rollers capture the item, spin it at a fixed speed and apply the label exactly where it needs to be located. Following the complete label application the product is automatically moved beyond the labeling location and a new product is moved into place to begin the process again. Once programmed, this is a completely seamless process.

Re-Pack three roller wrap labeling systems are ideal for use in the following industries and wherever unusual and accurate label application is required on cylindrically shaped items or packages:

  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Consumer goods and cosmetics
  • Wine Bottling
  • Food
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Printing on labels employed in such an application process can be accomplished with several different print technologies depending on the amount of information to be printed. On-line printed messages can be as simple as a Lot Number and Expiration Date, or as long as a full ingredients list, or as large as a product warning that must be easily seen.

When you’re production levels require that you increase product throughput or labeling accuracy on your complex cylindrical product, contact Griffin -Rutgers to discuss your need and determine the specific labeler to meet your requirements.

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