Top and Bottom Labeling Systems Defined

If you’ve ever wondered what top and bottom labeling systems are and how they are used, then you’re not alone. Here are some answers to clarify the confusion.

What is a Top and Bottom Labeling System Used For? A Top Bottom Labeling Machine is beneficial for a wide range of products because it can add top and bottom labels simultaneously, which keeps a manufacturing operation moving efficiently. This is especially valuable during a peak retail season. This type of equipment works great for products such as:

  • Clam-shells;
  • Glass containers;
  • Specialty promotional products;
  • Top and bottoms of jars, flat goods, and boxes; and
  • Bakery goods.

What is a Top and Bottom Labeling System Comprised Of? A typical system has two wipe-on applicators as well as a dual side belt conveyor, which controls the movement of the products and provides stability and accuracy prior to and during the labeling process.

  • Some types of equipment have hugger belts, which help to wipe down on the bottom side of smaller products or those with concavities.
  • Other types of top and bottom labeling equipment have a split conveyor, which better with larger products that may have flat bottoms.
  • Most all models from various manufacturers can also be customized with wider conveyors, faster speeds, or larger labeling heads, depending on what the business needs for their specific labeling requirements.
  • Other features you may see on this type of equipment include hot stamp or inkjet coders, anti-static air knives for plastic labels, and clear label sensors.

Every industry may have its own specific needs. For example, commonly seen in the food industry is a top and bottom labeling system with a belted conveyor.  A product is put on this conveyor with a labeling head, which is mounted over the top. Once the top label has been applied, then the label is fed over a small gap that is found between the conveyors. The bottom labeling head is then placed underneath the conveyors where it applies the label up and onto the bottom of the product. This is a very efficient and helpful process for food companies to deliver high volumes of products accurately labeled. In Review Here are the main points on what you need to know about a top and bottom labeling system:

  • It is beneficial for a wide range of products and package types, including glass, clam-shells, jars, boxes and flat goods.
  • It can have a hugger belt or split conveyor, but it can also be customized in many ways with additional features, depending on the product application.
  • The food industry typically relies on a belted conveyor version because it helps to accurately and efficiently apply top and bottom labels to food packages.


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