Advantages Of Industrial Inkjet Printer Systems

CodeTech Thermal Ink Jet

Thermal Ink Jet

High quality, high speed and flexible coding options are three of the reasons that thermal inkjet printers (TIJ) are typically chosen for use in the packaging industry. This technology provides a clean print, is reliable and is virtually maintenance free. Thermal inkjet printers can be used in industrial applications that require printing on both porous and non-porous items.

TIJ technology can house up to eight individually functional print heads that are operated by one controller and this allows for multiple print positions on a single package – especially useful when printing large size items – or packages spread over up to four production lines. If a user couples the TIJ with an automatic offline feeding system, the printer is then ideal for use:

  • In the pharmaceutical industry for finely printed product identification and verification information
  • In applying date codes to food sleeves
  • And for coding of items that are packaged in medical pouches

Because these printers offer a combined print head, fully contained ink cartridges and virtually zero maintenance they are sought after in many industries for their cleanliness and simplicity of operation.

A second type of inkjet printer is a continuous inkjet (CIJ) model which is operated by using “electrically charged ink droplets” that provide very high speed printing and instantly dry inks. These printers use a wide variety of inks developed specifically for them. These printers are considered highly versatile, and are capable of printing both text, codes, and simple graphics onto almost any surface.

A third inkjet technology, the piezoelectric drop on demand inkjet (DOD) printer is used for printing barcodes, expiration dates, production dates and batch identification information in industrial settings and can often replace the use of labels on cases. They provide high print resolution, large print characters and simple printing flexibility.

Understanding the amount of printing required and the type of surface to be printed are the first steps toward knowing what type of printer will fulfill your unique coding or printing needs.




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