Printing on Plant Trays with the Needham S-6000R Plus Remote

The plant and garden industries strive to provide valuable information for their customers to help maintain the beauty and life of all types of greenery. And, for green thumbs to benefit from the information, they need to be able to see it. This means that printing on plant trays plays an integral role because the process must ensure that the information stays put through all types of element-driven environments, often with direct exposure to sunlight, excess water, wind, etc. Enter the Needham S-6000R Plus Remote – a machine noted for its ability to respond to the highly specialized needs of printing on plant trays.

Get to Know the Needham S-6000R Plus Remote.  The S-6000R Plus Remote is an efficient, low-cost alternative to expensive, complex inkjet systems. The new technology in this on-line, high-resolution ink jet printer delivers incredible print quality for small and large characters, graphics, and bar codes – key components on all plant trays. Additionally, these printers are easy to use when it comes to installation, production, and maintenance. It’s also versatile in what it can do – from the ability to work with different configurations and inks, to the information it can print; including manufacturing codes, lot and batch numbers, or expiration dates onto various target materials.

Other Valuable Needham S-6000R Plus Remote Features.  Some valuable features that plant tray manufacturers are sure Needham S 6000R Plusto enjoy include these perks:

  • These printers like to work in a clean environment, which means they like to avoid making messes themselves. With no moving parts, no ink pumps, and no compressed air, there is sure to be no mess. This saves on maintenance, time and labor as well as to help keep the line moving without downtime.
  • The printers are not ink hogs; instead, they are designed to use supplies efficiently so that they can go the distance without continually topping off the supplies needed to keep the plant trays moving down the line.
  • The printers are adept at working on all types of materials, including boxes, cartons, and trays of a wide range of sizes and shapes – after all, there is no such thing as a garden variety plant or flower so the same must go for the packaging and trays where the greenery is grown .

In Review

In digging into the key points to remember about the Needham S-6000R Plus Remote and printing on plant trays:

  • This printer is a low-cost alternative to other inkjet systems but does just as much and sometimes even more!
  • It’s versatile in every way, working with all types of information across a range of target materials.
  • These are clean machines that like to keep production neat and tidy thanks to some great features.
  • They are easy to use and can provide an exceptional solution for those that need to print on plant trays.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs contact Griffin-Rutgers and let us put our 50 years of experience in providing printing, coding and labeling solutions for packaging to work for you.


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