Pesticide Labels

A pesticide product label provides critical information about how to safely and legally handle and use such products. Unlike most other types of product labels, pesticide labels are legal documents, thereby making them legally enforceable, and all of them carry this statement: “It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” In other words, the label is the law.Food Safety

Besides just federal agencies, there are state agencies that enforce pesticide label requirements. Educational programs are required to certify pesticide users, and it is understood that the users read and follow the instructions listed on the label.

Most label statements are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however as a pesticide manufacturer, you are allowed to control some elements of your pesticide labels. The majority of the information you are printing falls under the regulated laws given from the EPA for each particular type of pesticide.

A primary function of the pesticide product label is to manage the potential risks that could rise from the use of pesticides. The regulations are there to keep the labels consistent, easy to understand, and clearly describe the proper use of each product, including the precautions to be taken when using the product.

No matter your container, bottle, pail, box or bag, you can print your label in full color using one of our many color label printers. Full-color product photos, illustrations, logos, communication graphics can be printed on labels directly from your digital files. Barcodes, ingredient statements, and required hazardous warning labels will all come out crisply and cleanly.

When you print in-house, you have far more flexibility than if you need to pre-order your labels. EPA consumer chemical labeling requirements change periodically, that way, as a supplier of pesticides you have the flexibility to adapt to any changes instantly with one of our digital, full-color printers. When labeling requirements change, any of the labels can be changed by digitally editing the information, and you can re-print the label within minutes; guaranteeing the ability to ship the container with the product being properly labeled.

We offer a wide variety of digital printers to meet your need for your pesticide labels. We can set up your system to be installed in-line, off-line, or desktop. We can quickly assess your needs, and get your labels being printed in-house, quickly and accurately.

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