Accufast P8

Thermal ink jet, up to 4″ print height, up to 100 ips


The Accufast P8 is ideal either as a stand alone printer with the ACCUFAST HDF Feeder or as a print module at the end of an inserter.

The Accufast P8 features two banks of 4 print cartridges each (that’s where the 8 comes from) to give a full 4 inches of print. Each imager can be positioned over a 14 inch print path and controlled by either including print manager software or a Vista compliant Print Driver. Imagers may be individually positioned vertically to give improved print quality on uneven materials. Material is transported through the P8 by a vacuum belt system at speeds up to 100 inches per second. Pieces over .250 inch thick may be successfully run.

The P8 includes an I/O port that allows signals generated in the printer to be sent to input or output devices that are running in line with the printer (think mail sorting).

P8 Technical Specifications 

  • Size: 22” long x 14” high x 20.5” wide
  • Weight: 55 lb.
  • 330 cfm twin belt vacuum transport
  • Production Speed: Adjustable up to 50 inches per second
  • Electrical 120 VAC 5 amps 60 Hz.
    230 VAC 3 amps 50 Hz. Use a grounded outlet or Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Document Size:
    •     Length: 14”
    •     Width: 3” – 17”
    •     Thickness: 2 sheets – .75”
  • Print Area: 4” split into 2” segments
  • Imaging Software included – Windows XP recommended (Vista compliant)
  • Ethernet or USB data connection
  • Windows Driver available
  • UV Cure inks and Drying systems available
  • User defined print resolutions up to 600 x 600
  • Integrates with Feeders and Inserters using I/O capability.

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