S-7000 Trio and Quatro

The S-7000 Trio and Quatro are ideal for high resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays and sacks, with a printing heights of up to 50mm or 67mm respectively.


The S-7000 Trio and Quatro are ideal for high resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays and sacks, with printing heights of up to 50mm or 67mm respectively. Perfect for the replacement of individual case labels.


Improved Product Image
High resolution printing combined with the ability to import your own font styles and graphics will enhance your product image. Printing directly onto your cartons, sacks, trays and other porous surfaces will save time and money, eliminating costly pre-printing or expensive labels

Low Cost Maintenance
The S-Series has been designed with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves, no compressed air and the use of just a single PCB means low maintenance.

Reduced Print Costs
Printing with micro ink droplets and a sealed ink cartridge gives low cost per print with no ink wastage. Additional cost savings can be obtained using the economy-print type font.

Operator Confidence
The S-Series have the option to select from three different levels of message programming and editing, from very easy and basic to multifunctional programming.

Features and Specs

  • Fully integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • Individual picture keys for ease of operation
  • High definition graphic screen – WYSIWYG
  • Large capacity ink cartridge eliminates contamination, spills and mess.
  • Plug and Play communication ports
  • RSS232 and RS485 connections
  • Minimum 200 message storage (flexible)
  • High Resolution Printing – 180 dpi
  • Date and Time Function
  • Box Count, Shift Function
  • Variable Character Sizes
  • Full Bar code capability
  • Logos: Standard and Custom Made
  • Tower Printing
  • Messages up to 13 feet in length
  • Print speed up to 120 ft/min
  • Output for speed sensing encoder
  • Memory 64Mb

The print head, the control unit and the ink supply are all integrated in one single compact unit with a size no bigger than a shoebox. (11.7” x 8.3” x 5.9”). The S-7000 is designed for coding on cardboard boxes in an industrial environment.

This 70mm high printer has its control unit and ink supply integrated within the print unit itself. No external communication cables or external ink tubing are necessary, making the S-7000 less vulnerable and more flexible for installation in a production environment.

The S-7000 is controlled by a single PCB making internal communication cables redundant and increasing its reliability. In addition, the ink is fed from a closed system positioned within the printer body, reducing the ink tubing and again contributing to an increased reliability.

The S-7000 can be operated and programmed from its integrated keypad, or from a remote computer. The S-7000 can be used as a stand along unit, integrated in a network or in a masterslave setup with one unit controlling a second.

Standard software features needed for box printing include: bar coding, logos, different text fonts, counters, date and time function, tower printing, interactive choice of print message, variable data on demand, etc.

Choose from either the S-7000 Quatro at 70mm (four 17mm print heads) or the S-7000 Trio at 50mm (three 17mm print heads.) This ink jet printer is also available in a 35mm high version (S-6000Plus Duo) or 17mm high (S-6000Plus Standard).

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