TraxSecur™ Serialized Security

TraxSecurSerialized Security™ – Now for identifying individual doses 

Counterfeit, gray market, stolen, or diverted pharmaceutical products would be easier to detect, and those crimes deterred, if legitimate packages and their contents were logically linked with a unique set of security markings. TraxSecur™ was originally developed so that a simple mobile app on a smart phone can be used to authenticate pharmaceutical product packages(i). Now Verinetics offers TraxSecur™ to deliver “Serialized Security™,” an extraordinarily high-security mark that is unique to each individual dose. 

TraxSecur™ uses a proprietary set of shapes to carry Serialized Security™ codes. These codes have been printed on a capsule (see the “Original Image,” below) using TriStar Technologies, Inc.’s Cold Laser marking technology(ii). Every shape in the image was properly classified by TraxSecur™ software, as shown in the false color screen shots. The image imperfections and the natural curvature of the capsule had no effect on determining the Serialized Security™ code.

Original Image –> Pre-processing –> 1st pass classification –> 2nd pass classification 

certirx processing

Verinetics estimates that trillions of unique Serialized Security™ codes will fit in a 5mm2 capsule (or tablet) area, exploding to around 1024 codes if a different set of shapes is printed on each half of the capsule. To put this Serialized Security™ code-carrying capacity into perspective, it would take about 100,000,000,000 years for all possible codes to be consumed by 10,000 products, each of one billion capsules per year.

Importantly, TraxSecur™ Serialized Security™ for individual doses does not require special inks, taggants, or any other consumables.

TraxSecur™ Serialized Security™ for individual doses has potential benefits enabling:

  • Increased supply chain security benefit from the track and trace serialization mandates of The Drug Quality and Safety Act, H.R. 3204, by linking individual dose information to the related package;
  • An extended network to detect and deter fraudulent products in the supply chain, even where these products have been unpackaged;
  • Enhanced perception of quality by end-customers;
  • For clinical studies, supply assurance, enhanced materials return auditing, and a tool for addressing patient safety issues without necessarily unblinding;
  • Improved tracking, handling and disposal of controlled substances; and
  • Applications to other small but valuable articles outside of pharmaceuticals.

TraxSecur™ is part of a family of related, proprietary solutions covered by US Pat. No. 7,874,489, US Pat. No. 8,220,716, US Pat. No. 8,247,018, US Pat. No. 8,458,475, EP Pat. No. 1907988, and other pending applications.


ii . The TriStar Cold Laser System can be purchased through Key International as part of a new manufacturing/packaging line or retrofitted to an existing line (

For more information about TraxSecur™, contact: Thomas J. Mercolino, PhD President & CEO, CertiRx Corporation +1.919.354.1029


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