Verinetics Corporation and IN2trace Ltd Announce a Partnership to Combat Counterfeits in the Supply Chain

Brand Owners want to translate their investment in serialization into innovative ways to increase product safety that goes beyond compliance and to yield rich business intelligence data. In order to provide their clients with a solution that achieves both of those goals, Verinetics Corporation and IN2trace Ltd announce a partnership to offer TraxSecur™ Serialized Security™ as an integrated component of IN2trace Serialization Software.

Research Triangle Park, NC and Zagreb, Croatia (PRWEB) January 29, 2016

Today, Verinetics Corporation and IN2trace Ltd announce a partnership to bring best-in-class tools to the fight against counterfeits, a $600 billion dollar industry that accounts for 5-7% of world trade, according to the International Chamber of Commerce.

Labeled by the ICC as one of the fasting growing economic crimes of modern times, counterfeiting has evolved from a cottage industry into a highly sophisticated network of organized crime which “devalues corporate reputations, hinders investment, funds terrorism, and costs hundreds of thousands of people their livelihood every year.”

Verinetics and IN2trace will now offer TraxSecur™ Serialized Security™, as an integrated component of IN2trace Serialization Software. TraxSecur™ is a data carrying, high-security mark that can be authenticated with a mobile phone. Adding TraxSecur™ to product serialization delivers protection from damaging copies, emulations, and database hacks, while leveraging the investment already required for compliance to government serialization mandates, as there are for products like pharmaceuticals.

“The IN2trace Serialization framework is an ideal platform into which to integrate TraxSecur™ and extract its highest marketable value. We could see how the CureCloud serialization framework brings compliance with existing pharmaceutical regulations worldwide. The CureCloud simplifies operations and extends the life cycle of a serialization system.” said Verinetics President & CEO Tom Mercolino. “We also were impressed by how easy IN2trace makes it to build brand loyalty programs around the integrated solution. These programs will provide brand owners with rich data, ready to be mined by IN2trace’s impressive analytics with the best presentation graphics that we have seen.“

IN2trace Managing Director Kresimir Duracic said, “Beyond pharmaceuticals, there are a number of industries that will benefit from having TraxSecur™ as an integral part of our serialization framework, among them toys, luxury, food and beverage, alcohol, tobacco, and electronics industries. Each company expands its geographic reach to those industries through this partnership, too. Most importantly, by offering TraxSecur™ as part of our serialization framework, we provide our clients with a tool to increase product safety that goes beyond compliance, only.”

About Verinetics Corporation:

Verinetics products turn existing installed printers, cameras, and manufacturing equipment into delivery and detection devices for the highest security tagging at the lowest practical cost. In the process, Verinetics products make counterfeits and frauds easier to detect, thereby deterring these crimes. The data from Verinetics security marks provides visibility to and intelligence about movement and integrity of products in the supply chain. Among Verinetics products, AuthentiForm™ shares the technology platform with TraxSecur™ and is a persistent security solution for PDF’s, digital display images, and printouts rendered from secure digital environments, plugging the so-called “analog hole” while uniquely identifying these renderings, verifying document authenticity, and detecting and localizing content fraud. AuthentiForm™ has applications to academic credentials, financial instruments, electronic health records, prescriptions, clinical trials documents, vital records, and virtually every document relevant to corporate compliance.

About the IN2 group and IN2trace Ltd.

IN2 group was established in 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia. The company specializes in development, implementation and support of customized software solutions, IN2 ready-made products and implementation of standard business solutions. Today, IN2 group consists of 12 interconnected companies in 6 countries in the region. IN2 Group covers various business areas, with the emphasis on public sector, financial sector and insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, enterprise and utility companies. IN2 is Oracle’s largest partner in the Adriatic Region and the leading partner for Oracle Applications. The company holds Oracle Platinum status, as well as Microsoft Network Partner status with 2 Gold and 7 Silver competencies. In order to put its service on a higher level and bring added value to customers, IN2 group certified its business processes and gained certificates for ISO 9001 for quality management system compliance and for ISO 27001 for information security.

IN2trace Ltd. is the IN2 group company focused on serialization solutions. The IN2trace serialization framework solves regulatory issues while improving the user experience, enhancing brand loyalty and increasing the security of its customers’ products. IN2trace serialization framework provides and manages serialization codes during the whole lifecycle to meet requirements for different standards and data carriers, and integrates with customers’ existing systems to open new communication channel to product end users. IN2trace’s lead products are CureCloud™ and Taggyt™, which are serialization frameworks built specifically to meet the needs of regulated (primary pharmaceutical) and non-regulated industries, respectively.

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