Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Problems Resolved With TraxSecur™

When H.R. 3204, The Drug Quality and Security Act was passed, many organizations had to rethink the way they label and track pharmaceuticals to be in compliance. The bill was designed to clarify laws related to human drug compounding and to strengthen the prescription drug supply chain in order to defend against counterfeit drugs.

Trax Secur

A concern on the part of packagers had been increased costs without any substantial benefit. Verinetics developed a technology called TraxSecur to address that issue. With no appreciable incremental costs, TraxSecur™ provides a high-security mark that also secures the track & trace Information against fraudulent change. Other benefits of TraxSecurinclude:


  • Product Authentication
  • Package-level security
  • Increased security of track and trace serialization information
  • Allows for end user-level package authentication without privacy concerns
  • Secures human readable content without storing any sensitive information
  • An end-customer network to help you to detect and deter counterfeit, diverted, or stolen product
  • Enhanced traceability of controlled substances
  • Enhanced perception of product quality

For too many years, pharmaceutical products have been counterfeited, diverted, and stolen from both within and without the supply chain. TraxSecur™ Serialized Security™ offers real security from track and trace serialization efforts for packaging without substantially increasing costs.

Contact Griffin Rutgers to learn how TraxSecur™ can provide a cost effective means to protect products from fraud, counterfeiting, and loss of profit.

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