Web Printers: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Web printers are a unique and specialized breed of printers that offer a surprising range and versatility in terms of what they can provide for a wide array of applications and industries. If you are not fully familiar with web printers and what they can offer your business, here are five facts detailing how these machines can be a business boon.

Fact #1: Web printers handle a diverse number of applications. Considered to be quite diverse for a niche printer, this type of device can print many types of information and graphics. This includes logos, bar codes, 2D codes, product identification, reverse print, ingredients and serialization. Plus, an additional feature is that some web printers can print in multiple languages. Some printers, such as the InteliJet HD, a drop-on-demand inkjet, works with horizontal form/fill/seal and flow pack machines to print this wide array of information.

Fact #2: There are inkjet and flexographic printers that handle web printing applications. Both types of printhead technology provide the right combination of features and functionality to deliver on the needs for high-quality printing on coated and uncoated packaging web materials. Depending on a specific application, one may be more effective over the other so it is good to review the capabilities of both to see which one aligns with your products, requirements, and budget.

Fact #3: UV Flexo Printers are best for high-quality in-line printing on all types of webs. The TRUFLEX UV model is an excellent example of a top performer among web printers for a number of reasons. This machine provides precise position through the use of the rotary flexo-printing method. It’s easy to use and offers a low cost of operation and maintenance. It also relies on solvent-free UV inks that cure quickly and add to the low-maintenance environment. In addition, this particular model integrates well with continuous or intermittent motion packaging lines. Its use of ozone-free UV bulbs increases the environmental friendliness of this web printer.

Fact #4: Inkjet Printers can offer capabilities that cover a diverse range of web materials. These printers are capable of handling the rigorous demands of an environment that must print everything from dates and times to bar codes and serialized codes on coated or uncoated packaging web materials. It is also able to print with sharp edges down to four point type face, using both UV cured ink, water-based dye, and pigmented inks.

Fact #5: Software facilitates much of what an ink jet web printer can do. Behind the speed and efficiency of these machines is cutting-edge software that is driving increased workflow. Jobs can be directed from a separate PC. With the InteliJet HD, its software provides the ability to design and modify print output templates through user-friendly editing tools. There is also touch screen software that further facilitates production because users are not bogged down with reading manuals or intensive training to get started.

In Review

Here’s a round-up of the five facts you may not have known about web printers:

  • Web printers are versatile.
  • There are inkjet and flexographic printer models available.
  • Both printer types can handle a wide range of web materials and information.
  • Software drives high-level workflow thanks to user-friendly tools and operation.


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