Facts about Web Printers for Blisters and Pouches

Despite its misleading name, Web printers do not relate to the Internet either. Rather, web printers for blisters and pouches are specially designed pieces of equipment that print on what is known as web stock, web material or lid stock. These the materials are webbed together to make pouches or something that has a blister pack—the packaging where you push the tablet or product out through various types of coated and uncoated foils. Here are some high-level facts about web printers for blisters and pouches to help explain what they can do and how they work.

Getting to Know Web Printers

  • Repetitive from aboveWeb printers for blisters and pouches are often used for logos, digital codes, ingredients, serialization, reverse print applications and product identification, and they can even print in multiple languages depending upon the model used. This makes it an ideal printer for pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare applications…just to name a few of the industries.
  • Web printers can be UV Flexo printers like the TRUFLEX UV or they can be an drop-on-demand ink jet printer like the IntelliJet HD In-Line Digital UV inkjet printing system.
  • Web printers typically print important information like product name, manufacturer and address, part or identification number (i.e.: national drug code (NDC)) barcodes, times, dates, and serialized codes, including all types of barcode symbologies (lineal barcodes and 2D codes), in a wide range of formats and text.
  • These machines work with both coated and uncoated web materials as in-line systems for the printing of the web material immediately prior to the packaging process  for various  width webs, such as blister lid stocks.
  • This equipment can use UV curable inks, a solvent-free process that make them environmentally friendly because 100% of the ink is utilized in the printing process, they do not require cleaning during a production run and the ink can be left in the printing system for weeks on end..
  • Web printers are technological marvels no matter the model utilized, as all employ some of today’s most sophisticated technology to drive greater productivity and accuracy, ease-of-use, energy conservation and waste aversion. They also provide a highly flexible way to expand or change a production line without having to upgrade the entire group of equipment, as these machines work with continuous or intermittent motion packaging lines.

In Summary In wrapping up the main ideas from this blog post, here are some things to remember about Web printers:

  • They work with blister and pouch packaging operations for the pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare industries.
  • Web printers can be either  flexographic  or ink jet systems and utilize UV curable inks.
  • They are relied upon to print very important information directly onto coated or uncoated materials on a production line that uses in-line printing processes.
  • These technologically advanced printers are environmentally sound and make for a clean printing environment thanks to the solvent-free, UV cured inks.


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