Inkjet Printers for Date Labeling: Cardboard/Plastic

Printed BoxWhen it comes to cardboard and plastic products, it imperative to select the proper combinations of inkjet printers and ink type for date labeling that can effectively work with these types of mediums and produce high-quality output for each and every item on the line. To ease and expedite your printer procurement process, here we’ve compiled a list of top inkjet printers for date labeling known to work well with cardboard and plastic packaging.

Inkjet Printers for Cardboard and Plastic Date Labeling

Here are some of the top-rated machines now available for working with these specific mediums:

S-6000Plus: Of the available inkjet printers for date labeling, this model has the latest high resolution technology that delivers a wide range of measurable benefits:

  • Stunning print quality for small or large characters, graphics and bar codes, including up to 17mm or 34mm high and for multi-line coding;
  • A compact, self-contained printer size;
  • Easy message entry and editing with a full QWERTY keypad and color WYSIWYG screen;
  • Software for networking and label creation through a PC (if desired but not required);
  • Simple installation, use, and operation;
  • A mess-free operation with an ink cartridge system; no pumps or hoses
  • Ability to use oil-based ink for printing on porous surfaces or glycol -based or UV light cured ink with ‘remote’ printhead for printing on non-porous surfaces; and
  • Ease of use for coding Lot, Batch Number or Expiration Date onto bottles, jars, cans and other containers.

S-1000: Among the inkjet printers for coding and date labeling, the S-1000 offers three different designs with an attractive array of benefits and features for printing on plastic (non-porous) or cardboard (porous) surfaces:

  • Each print head can print up to 17mm of print height with up to eight text lines, bar codes, graphics and 2D data matrix codes.
  • The machine can utilize different inks in order to use the same machine to print on both non-porous materials and porous ones.
  • If you have a small space for the printhead or a remote mounting location, this printer can still deliver by the printhead r being mounted up to 30 feet away from the controller or placed inside a safety cage, if necessary.
  • Printing is possible on both sides of your product with the convenience of one controller.
  • It is one of the easier ink jet printers to use with a large, color graphic screen and simple programming capability.
  • The Sauven 1000 is known for its high resolution printing. 

S-7000: This model is a compact inkjet printer affording either 50mm or 70mm tall print for carton coding on cardboard boxes in an industrial setting. The printer is known for its reliability and functionality, with notable features including the ability to use its integrated keyboard for control or it can be controlled from a remote computer. This is an excellent choice if you are looking to print on porous cardboard boxes or corrugated cases  of any size

The main points to remember are:

  • There are is a wide range of great inkjet printers for date labeling onto cardboard and plastic.
  • The S-6000Plus has the latest technology on the market and offers stunning print quality for both cardboard and plastic within a user-friendly, dependable, and economic production environment.
  • The S-1000 offers high resolution printing from multiple printheads and delivers the ease of use and reliability with the capacity to fit into and work within restricted or confined spaces.
  • The S-7000 works well for cardboard applications where larger print or print areas are required.


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