Labeling Oral Medications

Each liquid dose label is specifically designed to address individual needs in a pharmacy. From special papers and adhesives to a variety of shapes for irregular or small items, each one is designed to solve an issue for labeling oral medications.Oral Medication

Printers used for labeling oral medications can be laser, ink jet and direct thermal printers. They can be integrated with a variety of software that can print bar codes, graphics, specialty fonts, tall man lettering, logos, symbols and even pictures. Any combination can easily be programmed to print onto your label.

  • Standard liquid dose labels provide a unique, tamper-evident labeling solutions for any liquid medication identification needs.
  • Mini liquid dose labels are specifically designed for labeling syringes, ampules and smaller packaging.
  • Butterfly style labels are distinct in that they have a 2-wing design so that they can be wrapped around syringes, ampules or oddly shaped containers.
  • Flag or receipt style labels have a large, two-sided printing area with a long, thin strip which allows the label to be attached to any item, no matter how large or small.
  • Strip vial labels are typically used for blood collection tubing, and other tubing products.
  • Square labels can be turned 90 degrees so that the text and bar code can run along the curve of the item instead of around it, making it easier to read.
  • Customizable line tracing labels allows for print to be piggy-backed so that the nursing staff can mark the ends of IV lines.

The regulations in place for labeling oral medications is very stringent. Because of this, it is imperative that your printers deliver the highest quality images and text possible. At Griffin-Rutgers we offer in-house printers to fulfill your needs, either the Flexpack Pro or Markoprint with a variety of models, one is certain to meet your needs.

When you put us to work for you, we will come up with the perfect solution to meet the needs for labeling oral medications.

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