Packaging Coding For The Cosmetic Industry

In every industry, the trend for more eco-friendly packaging is taking an upturn.  We are seeing that trend even in the cosmetic industry.  When one thinks ‘cosmetics’ it brings to mind makeup, but, the cosmetic industry encompasses more than just eye shadow and blush. It includes everything from toothpaste to lipsticks. As such, it needs the right kind of packaging coding equipment for a variety of substrates.

Many companies are beginning to investigate packaging that will reduce their carbon footprint, i.e., reduce waste in their choices of containers as a result, the coding on the packages is also changing.  For instance, plastics and glasses are changing, many of which are being made out of re-cycled products.

At Griffin-Rutgers, we are here to make these transitions as smooth as possible. If you are considering changing from using plastic wrap to secure a product to more eco-friendly packaging such as a cardboard box, which is bio-degradable,  consider using our Accufast P4 Thermal Ink Jet Printer.  This system takes a single item to be printed from the bottom of a controlled stack, and feeds that single item into the print portion of the system where the inkjet cartridges can deposit the image, text, bar codes or other print images that have been designed on the free software. Once printed, each item can be dropped into a simple collection device or placed onto an extended shingling conveyor for easy handling without print interruption.  This printer is a good choice when printing such things as small boxes or other containers that require the proper coding for your particular product.

Not only are packaging choices changing, the code needed will change also for example how they are defined (biodegradable, recyclable, refillable, etc.) At Griffin-Rutgers we specialize in helping customers find the type of label coder they need to do the job, at a print speed that keeps the production line running at 100%, at an affordable cost point.

A Thermal transfer coder is your choice for coding on labels or flexible films. Some models of our coders are able to print areas large enough to add ingredient tables to a generic label.

We also offer a small size thermal inkjet coders that can print high resolution text, bar codes and images at high speeds across varying label materials.

Since all of these technologies can be configured for off-line use as standalone systems not integrated to the packaging line, choosing Griffin-Rutgers for your printer and coding needs will keep your operations running smoothly and at top speed.

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