Horizontal Packaging Needs

Improvements in technology are seen everywhere in the workforce and in consumer products and packaging. Laptop computers that used to be rather weighty now seem featherweight.

Innovations in packaging also continues to grow at a steady pace.  The automation of horizontal packaging allows your business to run at a more efficient rate and be able to run continuously twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Increasing levels of automation and traceability are being implemented for quality control and efficiency across packaging lines for products such as food, beverages, and sundries. Water Bottle - Horizontal Packaging

In the case of some products, safety and packaged product verification can be an essential requirement, even enforced by law.

When Aristotle said the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ he’d never have guessed this would apply to sophisticated packaging lines for bars. Bar packaging comprises one of the fastest and most efficient processes in the packaging world, with equipment transporting products in all shapes and sizes at dizzying speeds.

Within the realm of digital print there is  software to generate 2D barcodes printing for documents, labels and packaging. This software doesn’t only help those customers who require a uniform product code (UPC) on their documents or packaging, but it also solves the need to sequence print that is also required to be passed to fulfillment for additional pick and pack services.

When it comes to imprinting your identifying numbers on the products, from prescription medication to BPA-free containers, it’s usually the brand owner who is responsible for assigning the bar code number. Whoever does it, extreme care should be taken to ensure an old number isn’t accidentally reassigned to a different product, or a new number isn’t accidentally assigned to more than one product. Often this happens when multiple copies of the product data base are kept. Good communication between various functions that must share the data base is not a sufficient solution to the possibility of number assignment mistakes.

At Griffin-Rutgers, we build out the possibility with an airtight procedure that draws on one central number assignment agent and one data base.  We stand behind our procedures, thereby making sure that your coding is accurate each time.

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