The Benefits Of A SATO M5900RVe Printer

Different printers for different tasks sounds simple enough and there are many considerations when it comes to printing. The task of determining the right printer for your needs is based on the work environment, required print speed, the medium onto which you are printing and much SATO M5900RVe Direct Thermal Printermore.

The SATO M5900RVe is a printer that is designed for use in direct thermal applications. It is a rugged industrial printer. This printer is useful in many settings including:

• Agricultural
• Automotive
• Consumer goods
• Cosmetics
• Electrical
• Food
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceutical
• Education & Libraries
• Logistics
• Government

The printer is designed specifically for demanding direct thermal applications. What is a direct thermal printer?
A direct thermal printer uses chemically treated label material that turns black when the heated print head applies heat to the surface of the label material on which it’s being printed. No thermal transfer ribbons are used in this printer nor any ink or toner; as such you need fewer resources to perform your company’s print jobs.

Direct thermal printers can only print in black and this may be a drawback in some industries in which colored ink is preferred. In that case specially created preprinted direct thermal paper are required.

Another disadvantage to a direct thermal printer is that the ink can fade. Conversely, if the printed item is in an area of extreme heat or in excessive light the ink could darken to the point where it is illegible. Direct thermal printing is popular in the foods industry, since most items are stored away from heat and sunlight, and the label shelf life is less than 1 year. The use of direct thermal printing on items that are considered “lifetime” application is not recommended.

However, a true direct thermal label printer utilizes a print head that is made of thicker glass, for increased print head durability hence less replacement costs. The primary benefit is the overall lower cost and easier media changeovers since thermal transfer ribbons are not required.

The Sato RV5900RVe printer comes with a warranty of 1 year or 2 million inch, whichever comes first, and the print head is warrantied for two million linear inches.

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