Understanding The Accufast P8

Manufacturers and packagers looking for an off-line standalone print system are often finding that the Accufast P8 high resolution ink jet print system with its fully integrated material transport fits the bill. The P8 has a small physical foot print – crucial when manufacturing floor space is at a premium – and offers high quality printing and excellent graphic imaging power. This printer features two banks of four HP type cartridges each (thus the P8 name) which offers the user a full four inch wide print space. The printer is fully integrated with its own material transport system. The P8 is ideal either as a standalone printer when combined with the ACCUFAST HDF Feeder unit or as a print module that can be made part of a larger automated manufacturing or packaging system.

Accufast P8

The system also allows either or both of the 4 cartridge print imagers to be independently positioned anywhere across its 14-inch wide print path. This allows for printing virtually any place on the item to be printed and can enhance print quality on uneven materials. The material to be printed is transported through the system on a vacuum belt at fully variable speeds up to 100 inches per second with while maintaining 300 by 300 dot per inch (dpi) print resolution.

Options available for integration with the P8 include; the automated HDF Feeding module, an automatic capping and cleaning system for the print heads, and various camera attachments for print quality inspection or bar code confirmation.

Here are some of the specifications of the P8 printer:

  • It is 22” long x 14” high x 20.5” wide
  • It weighs 55 pounds
  • It has a twin belt vacuum transport
  • It has a production speed of up to 50 inches per second while offering 300 x 600 dpi print resolution, or 100 inches per second while printing at 300 x 300 dpi print resolution
  • It can print on materials that are up to 14 inches in length, with widths of three to 17 inches and can print materials with a thickness of up to ½ inch
  • The printer comes with an easy to use imaging software package for full print image design and system control
  • It connects to a wide range of controller types via standard Ethernet or USB connectors
  • Print resolutions can be selected as high as 600 x 600 dpi
  • The P8 can also integrate seamlessly with feeders of various designs and capabilities, or inserters and other manufacturing and packaging line systems using its extensive I/O capacity

Additional specs for the Accufast P8.

If you have questions on whether the Accufast P8 will fulfill your printing and coding requirements, contact us at 631-981-4141 or email us at custserv@griffin-rutgers.com

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