Thermal Printer and Feeding Systems

Are you printing pouches, Tyvek lid stocks, sleeve, cut labels or garment tags? If you answered yes, then you just might need an Xxtreme/64 desk top system in your facility. These flat-product thermal transfer printer and feeding systems are ideal for use in many industries.

When you’re talking with a printing professional from our office you will want to discuss all of the unique needs your organization has for printing. Delving into all of the ways in which you will use a printer will help us design a system and recommend a printer that will suit you now, and potentially into the future.

Thermal Ink Jet Printer

What are the features and benefits of an Xxtreme/64 printer? Here are a few:

  • They feed, print and restack automatically
  • It prints at 300dpi
  • The speed of the printer is an astounding 400mm per second
  • The printer can run a 600 meter length ribbon
  • It can accommodate a print width from 1.5 inches up to 9.3 inches wide and lengths from 3 to 18 inches
  • The size of the printer, table top model, is 22 inches long by 15 inches wide by 13 inches high
  • The system can be purchased to accommodate an optional bar code scanner
  • The device uses True Type fonts
  • It interfaces with Ethernet cables, USB or RS-232

This printer is not only compact and affordable but it assists the owner in being able to reduce the amount of pre-printed materials and helps save the company money. No longer will you have to rely on an outside printing company to print your labels and you know that inevitably you end up with dozens, sometimes hundreds of left over labels that you spent good company money on! Having your own printer allows you to calculate a return on investment that will help you company’s bottom line.

Xxtreme prints cards, pouches, Tyvek lidstock, sleeves, cut labels, garment tags and more on demand.

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