Which Accufast Inkjet Printer is Right for You?

As a versatile inkjet printer manufacturer, Accufast has a wide range of high-quality machines to choose from. This variety, however, can make selecting the right one for your application a touch more complex.  With this in mind, we have compiled a list some of the top Accufast inkjet printer systems and their applications and options here, highlighting the best applications and features of each, to help ease and expedite your decision-making process. ACCUFAST pmX.  This Accufast inkjet printer is considered to be an advanced technology, multi-head Ink Jet printing system.

  • It is meant for carton and card ink jet printing, including folding boxes, single labels, bags and blister cards.
  • One of its best features is excellent print images, which works well for variable information, such as bar codes, sequential numbers, and data that includes text and numbers.
  • The off-line pmX printing system with fully integrated material feed and transport helps to increase manufacturing capacity without having to add more equipment to a packaging line or compromise the print quality.
  • The system will feed and transport items as large as 14″ x 17″, with a thickness from a single sheet up to ½ inch, and at speeds up to 100″ per second.
  • The pmX allows the use of spot color, rotated graphics, and dynamic bitmap images.
  • It has a built-in number generator, which works well for serializing or coding.
  • Overall, it is a compact, flexible, high-quality and high-speed ink jet printing system.

ACCUFAST P4 Printer 

  • This Accufast inkjet printer (P4 System) provides similar benefits to the pmX, but this one is supplied with one split imager, each half of which can hold two print cartridges (each with a 1/2” print height) for a total of 2” print width in a compact desk top model fully integrated feed, transport and print system.
  • This system also features a Tag & Card Feeder for small items and an optional Heavy Duty Feeder for larger items. It also can include a sliding stand to easily change from one feeder to another.

ACCUFAST CKx Component Kit

  • The ACCUFAST CKx Component Kit uses exclusive X-Pansion technology, which means that print capacity can go mobile. It offers a support bar for easy mounting and durability in the field that allows printing in even the toughest environments.
  • This is handy if you have older base equipment that you can then still use by upgrading it with this component kit to make it useful for new applications.
  • The kit can be configured and mounted for a wide range of applications, so this is for you if you are seeking flexibility or extended life from those older machinery investments.

In Summary, here are the main points:

  • Accufast has numerous types of inkjet printer models for a wide array of applications, including cartons, addresses, tags, labels and more.
  • You need to understand your own needs and printing objectives before you select a printer model.
  • Accufast even offers a component kit to breathe new life into older packaging systems as well as provides a way to take printing out into new areas rather than just rely on the capability within the walls of a warehouse or factory.
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