What is a date coder and is it what you need?

A date coder is a printing device that adds variable information either directly onto a product, the label or to the packaging of the product.  Date coding or Variable information printing can be of many different varieties ranging from a simple Production Date, Batch Number and Expiration Date to a complex 2 dimensional high density code or other type of bar code.  Variable information can be required on almost any product, in some form, ranging from beer bottles, to pharmaceutical products or packaging, to a box of muffins, to flooring trim, to a yogurt cup, to a shipping carton or beverage tray.  The secret is that many of these date coding applications require different types of print technology to meet the need to print on different materials and/or shapes.  On this page we highlight three different date coding technologies that can address a wide range of application needs.

At Griffin-Rutgers we specialize in helping customers find the type of date coder they need to do the job at a cost point they can afford.  Look below to view;

    • A laser coder that can create a permanently etched mark that cannot be removed,
    • Thermal transfer coders for coding on labels or flexible films that can print larger areas than many other coder technologies,
    • Small size thermal inkjet coders that can print high resolution text, bar codes and images and at high speeds across varying surface features.

Feel free to search our site.  If you have questions about the best technology for your date coding application, call Griffin-Rutgers and allow us to apply our 30 years of experience to help you find a solution to your specific need.

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