Pharmaceutical Packaging Regulations Solved With TraxSecur

Looking for Value in Increased Pharmaceutical Packaging Regulations? Problem Solved with TraxSecur

Stricter regulations that will aid in the fight against counterfeit drugs are also leading to an increased need for printers and personnel to prepare labels and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Many pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to meet the new compliance regulations and to do that they are looking at the potential of overhauling not only the packaging, but the distribution and tracking systems in place for all of their manufactured drugs. These regulations are impacting the US, UK, China, Canadian and most recently pharmaceutical manufacturers in India.traxsecur_barcoding

Whether the drugs are used in the country of origin or are being shipped out of the country and into the United States, for example, the manufacturers and packaging have to be in compliance with the regulations of the country to which the drugs are being shipped. The World Health Organization recently stated that “up to 10 percent of drugs sold globally are counterfeit” and that points to the need for tighter regulations on packaging.

In order to comply, many pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing their drug labeling and packaging to outside sources that are well-versed in the compliance regulations. Compliance, many manufacturers are finding, involves looking for highly-skilled packaging providers; this also involves the distribution process for getting the newly packaged drugs to marketcell_phone_bar_coding

Griffin Rutgers offers a range of solutions to track and trace needs, form full, turnkey serialization to independent consulting on vendor selection for technology and implementation. We offer TraxSecur™ , a highest security, lowest practical cost brand protection/security feature in conjunction with serialization, whether the latter is provided by a third party.

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