High Resolution Carton Printers: What to Avoid

When selecting from the available range of high resolution carton printers, there are some things it’s best to avoid to ensure you procure the right printer for your specific needs – including meeting standard performance metrics. Here are a few carton printer pitfalls to avoid:

Avoid Complicated High Resolution Carton Printers: If you opt for a printer that is overly complex relative to your needs, your staff will not know how to use it properly or take full advantage of all the features, resulting in higher training costs and potentially greater initial purchase and maintenance costs.

Avoid Low Functionality ‘One Note’ Equipment: While you may want simple and user-friendly, you still need functionality options that allow you to handle your varied printing needs now and in the future. This means carton printing options that allow you to print on different substrates or that offer ways to customize your image configurations. Flexibility is a must if you want to add volume or diversify to your product lines in the near future  without having to reinvest in another printer.

Avoid Printers that Want You to Conform to Them: A printer that only does certain things in a certain way without any level of flexibility may be a short-sighted solution. After all, you more than likely have some unique needs and therefore require a high resolution carton printer that can be customized to your specific operation. You also will be better off with a printer that can scale up with you as your operations evolve and scale down as product lines are phased out among other reasons.

Avoid No-Name Brands: Purchasing a brand with no reputation or following could be a risky endeavor since you need to make sure your high resolution carton printers will deliver more uptime more than downtime. A smart investment is to go with a trusted brand known for its durability, performance, and reliability.

Avoid Low-Service Companies: If you select a company that is only interested in selling you the printer but does not have the time to take your technical or service calls, then you are likely going to be stuck with downtime or be forced to reduce your performance output during critical production periods. Instead, opt for a company that is known to go out of their way to help address your needs and rectify your printer concerns. You want to establish a long term relationship with a company that is willing to make guarantees in this regard, rather than one who simply intends to close the sale and be done with it.

Here are the main ideas to remember:

  • You need to know what to look for in a high resolution printer but also what to avoid.
  • Stay away from printers that have no reputation and have low functionality or expect you to change your operation to suit their features.
  • Avoid complicated equipment that will cost you more headaches and money in the short and long term.
  • Select a company that values you as a long-term customer and is there to answer your questions or provide tech support when you need it rather than opt for a company that simply wants to sell you a printer.


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