Needham Coding

Needham Coding Founded by Roger Needham in 1962, The Needham Group continues today as family owned company. Being a family owned company, as is Griffin-Rutgers, they have a strong set of values by which business is conducted: the firm belief in establishing loyal, honest and long-term relationships with our customers.

Needham Coding’s commitment to the quality of its products and services is of the utmost important to the success of the company. They have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that their research, development, manufacturing systems and processes are of the highest standard, and maintain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications.

The Needham Group is dedicated to innovative, cutting-edge technologies and product quality. This has enabled them to provide solutions to a wide range of industrial and consumer sectors.

Needham now introduces the S Series of high resolution piezo based print head technology for the coding and marking industry. The  S-Series is offered with the print head mounted in the control box or as a remote system using an ink umbilical for reaching closer to the product. Print sizes range from 2mm to 70mm high, model dependent.

Sealed and secured 110ml ink cartridges for straightforward ink replacement are employed.  No bulk ink systems, pumps or hoses are utilized meaning there is no ink mess on the production floor. Inks are available in oil or solvent based formulas for printing porous or non- porous substrates respectively.


Needham Ink

Needham Inks Ltd is a UK based ink manufacturer with expertise in the research, development, testing, manufacture and international distribution of industrial inks, fluids and marking products.

With thousands of formulations and global distribution, their focus is on the highest quality developments, providing CIJ inks (Continuous Ink Jet), DOD inks (Drop On Demand Ink), High Resolution, Food Grade Inks, Contact Coding Fluids, Election Stains, Paint Markers, Spray Paints and many other marking and coding products.

As a distributor for Needham Ink, Griffin-Rutgers can provide you with the highest quality ink for your specific use.